Perhaps the most unforgiving region on Anikira, Vor'asa is the dryest region of Tas'alea. The dunes that cover it tower like mountains over the sand, and herds of camel roam freely. It is the home of the only sign of humankind that the wolves of the island ever encountered, and also a large saltwater cove that douses the Northern portion of the island with ocean water.

Claimed By: Kairos Pack
Alpha(s): Hektor


Adeli's Cove

On the northern horn of the island, Adeli's Cove has been carved out from the earth after years and years of tides washing across the dirt. There is very little beach in the cove, apart from the innermost waterfront where the beach is a mere fifteen yards in width. It is here that the SS Rilon washed ashore. The sea water spray sometimes reaches as much as one hundred yards inland upon contact with the cove walls.

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SS Rilon

While humans never set foot on Tas'alea, the trade routes just to the west of the island frequently brought ships within two miles of the shore. A nasty hurricane swept one such trade ship aboard. The SS Rilon, a large cargo ship, was beached in Adeli's Cove, where the ship has remained wedged into the sand fo more than a dozen years. The wood has deteriorated some with the times, but it provides adequate shelter and plenty of space to the wolves who inhabit Vor'asa.

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The Waste

The Waste of Vor'asa is aptly named. The desert is unforgiving and punitive, with enormous sandy dunes that would rival any ocean hurricane. The only predators who dare to live here are ancient birds of prey, beasts so hardy that they have adapted to the punishing landscape and thrive under it's oppressive heat and terrain, hunting the dromedary herds. Wolves have long used this territory as the pinnacle of survivalists and a training ground for those destined to persevere.

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Aisu Dunes

The Southern border of Vor'asa is covered by Aisu Dunes. The northern half harsher and boasts decimating heats year round. Brush grows on the tips of the dunes in several areas, and the lucky wolf will stumble upon the rich, freshwater oasis nestled within. A variety of wildlife call the dunes home, ranging from the smallest lizards to the deadly moa birds.

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