Kal'dyne is home to the tropical creatures of Tas'alea. The Waryck Jungle hides the dangerous animals that prowl the island. The lagoon is one of the most beautiful locations in the jungle, but only if you can make your way there. Wolves who do not wish to be found may find refuge here.

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Uchai Lagoon

Nestled along the coastline in the jungle, Uchai Lagoon is a constantly warm, green-rimmed water source. The water rises a mere four feet year round, but it never runs dry. It is separated from the ocean by a beautiful reef. The lagoon is salt water, but it is full of brightly colored tropical fish that hide in the reefs that have divided the lagoon from the ocean. The edges are line with boulders and coarse gravel.

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The waters of Uchai Lagoon hide a cave as old as time. Hat'moru is carefully nestled in the rocky edge of the lagoon, while jungle foliage disguise the cave's entrance from prying eyes. The only way to enter the cave is by wading through the two feet of water at its entrance. Within the cave, various small pools of fresh water are hidden, as well as huge stalactites and stalagmites forged by time.

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Waryck Jungle

A large majority of Kal'dyne is nestled deep within the Waryck Jungle. Some of the most exotic creatures, including jaguars, anacondas, baboons, spider monkeys. The jungle spreads from one coast to the other, and some areas are so dense that they are not navigable. Wolves braving the Waryck Jungle need to exercise caution near water for fear of piranhas and crocodile attacks.

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Ridge of Vesirtin

Along the northern border of Kal'dyne lies the Ridge of Vesirtin. While it is not very high, it is a visible divider between the jungle and the central basin. Here the foliage is more traditional, with small oak saplings, evergreen trees, and larger maple trees covering the top of the ridge. The heaviest rains in Tas'alea fall upon the ridge, where the water rushes down both sides into the basin and the jungle.

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