Aveline expands on the southeastern coast of Anikira. While it is mostly grasslands, the easternmost region is marshy and humid. The most notable feature is an old sinkhole that has the clearest water in Anikira streaming through it as well as an ancient crater that is nestled among the grasslands.

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Tor's Marsh

Named for the wolven god Tor, the marshlands of Aveline are dangerous and not navigable during high tide. The land is home to some of the most dangerous animals in Anikira, such as the crocodile and water moccasin, that threaten a swift death to those who do not treat them with respect. However, the marsh also attracts a variety of ducks and small birds.

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Desakin Crater

Evidence of a thousand-year-old meteor strike, Desakin Crater rests in the far south of Aveline. The indention in the earth's crust is more than fifteen feet down and forty yards across, signifying a rather large strike. The center of the crater often fills with rain waters, but during the drought seasons, it becomes a graveyard to many water-deprived animals.

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Chamoru Plains

The eastern portion of Chamoru Plains rests within the borders of Aveline. The grasslands are the prime hunting location for members of the resident pack. Most of the large prey of Anikira reside in the plains, as it is the most temperate and versatile location on the continent. Trees are scarce across the plains, but the occasional tree provides much-needed shade.

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Angel's Fangs

The Angel's Fangs are within a beautiful cave that some use as dens. The naturally formed crystals seem to radiate a relaxing, angelic light, which gives the cave its name. In truth, there is nothing altogether magical about the fangs themselves: they simply collect the sunlight that pours in from the cracks in the rocky ceiling and retain it overnight. Long revered as a spiritual site, the recent shifting of earth has opened the cave to wolves of Aveline once again.

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