I'queyer is largely dominated by the Endyt Cape that stretches for many miles of the coastline. It remains cool or warm year-round, unlike most of Anikira. The beach stretches across a quarter of the entire continent's coast. It is abundant in large prey and open for loners to roam at ease.

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A wide open expansive prairie makes for a beautiful picture as one makes their way from the Itai tunnels. From cool and dark caverns to bright and colorful foliage, this place is certainly a diverse area. A sprinkling of flowers dot the Prairie grasses to delight both prey and predator until it gradually becomes swallowed up by jagged walls that led into an underground network which bats and a variety of insects call home. Some would call this place more ominous while other surely choose to see it as cheerful. The secrets of this place may prove to be both.

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Somani Island

The lava has cooled, and the waves against the molten earth carved a new isle off Anikira's coast. Somani Island, a slowly evolving utopia, is small but has great potential. Saplings and grass are beginning to grow, while other places still wait for their hidden potential to be exposed. The tiny island may act as a sanctuary from the perils of the mainland.

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Endyt Cape

The beach along the Endyt Cape is highly unusual. Over many years, shards of broken glass in every color have washed ashore here, worn smooth by the ocean currents that carried them. The cape is largely open to the elements, leaving the glass bare to the sun at all hours and creating a dazzling effect for visitors. The yellow and amber shards of glass, in particular, seem almost hypnotic in quality, and more than a few who have visited this place liken those pieces to eyes. Few seabirds seem to flock here, likely due to the equally sparse aquatic life able to survive along the shoreline.

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Kaer Beach

The western portion of the I'queyer Peninsula is home to Kaer Beach. Bathed in the warm waters of Somani Bay, this is perhaps the most luxurious beach on the continent. The highlands run freshwater into the sea, and the brackish environment is perfect for unique species of fish. It is picture perfect in it's views of the ocean, and if one looks hard enough, they can almost make out the canyons of Xisyn across the water.

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