Acerbus is a very versatile region. It is warmer in the south where it borders the hotter portions of Anikira, but cooler up north where the mountains of Shyia provide a barrier. It is located against the western coast of the continent, and it is well populated with food critters amongst the trees.

Claimed By: Sanctum Pack
Alpha(s): Asmodeus, Arael


Shores of Lye

Long and winding, the Shores of Lye are marked by their rocky shorelines and dark, gritty sand. Seals and sea lions frequent outcroppings that sprout up as far as a mile or more from the shoreline, while the tidepools scattered along the water's edge roil with life in the form of tiny crustaceans, anemonies, snails, small fish, and sea urchins. Years of weathering the ocean's tides have carved deep caves and hollows into the largest rock formations that dot the shoreline, providing plenty of hideaways for a wolf seeking to be alone for a while.

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Shayde Cave

Just beyond the northern edge of the Lleingas Woods, nestled at the foot of the Tia'deli Mountains, sits Shayde Cave. The mouth of the cave is set higher than the floor of the cave and is relatively narrow, forcing wolves to enter one at a time. The interior, on the other hand, is wide and high-ceilinged with steep, relatively smooth walls covered in a thick carpet of moss. The position of the cave places its mouth directly in the path of the wind, creating a cool, breezy shelter during the summer months.

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Lleingas Woods

A mysterious fog embraces this dying forest destroyed by flames. The only animals that feel at home here are bats and other night-crawlers. Hunting is rough, but manageable. Eerie rock formations cast daunting shadows, giving the woods an unnerving presence. The spirits of hunted wolves linger, unable to rest in this wooded area.

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Hidden deep within Lleingas Woods lies a lake shrouded in constant mist. It seems bottomless, water tinted gray. No animal has lived to reach its bottom, the lake over two hundred feet deep. Very few animals trust the purity of the water. A strange island rests in its center, dead trees and shriveled bushes adding to the eerie aura.

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