A product of the first volcanic eruption of Pievunt-An, Ina'mos is a large island nestled north of Tas'alea, but still on the western side of Anikira. Animals and smaller plants coat the island. The plant life has exploded in the past years, and wildlife inhabits virtually every inch of the island. However, chunks of volcanic rock still litter the ground as a reminder of its origin.

Claimed By: Kairos Pack
Alpha(s): Ephraim


Liandry Falls

This beautiful waterfall provides the primary source of drinking water for Ina'mos, feeding life into the swamps and allowing the Veldt to prosper. Few outsiders know to look beyond it, but to those who reside on the island, Liandry Falls is also their primary den site. Just behind the water lies a small cave opening that gives access to several dry tunnels and outcroppings that allow semi-private nooks for each nesting wolf, complete with the soothing ambient noise of rushing water and constant access to fresh water.

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Ahyrd's Atoll

This unique coral ring rests just below the surface of the water to the west of the island. Beneath the surface rests a dormant volcano, and the coral is accessible by a short swim. It is home to a multitude of large food fish and aquatic creatures. The coral is so close to the surface that it can be walked upon.

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Dyndre's Swamp

The damp soils of the southern half of Ina'mos are home to a variety of large creatures, such as crocodiles, and a plethora of colorful birds. The land is difficult to navigate safely due to the dangerous animals that inhabit it, but it makes for great hunting grounds for the brave soul.

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Bel Veldt

Bel Veldt, named for the beast that once conquered the island, is a beacon of tranquility and a prime hunting ground. Covered in fuzzy crocus blooms that stretch as far as the eye can see, the Veldt makes an excellent home for prairie dogs, though it also boasts a welcoming ecosystem for ungulate prey. It is a true foil to the dangerous swamp to the south, and though it is nourished by the same river, this prairie is the kind of iconic homeland many wolves dream of.

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