North Ignier

The product of a violent volcanic eruption, Igneir represents the fusion of two worlds. The ground has since cooled and has begun to heal. The resulting land bound Tas'alea to mainland Anikira while also eating away at some surrounding territories.

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Lleingas Edge

The southern edge of the Lleingas Woods opens out into a small, grassy belt, separating it from the ashy soil and fledgling sprouts of the An'ris Woods. Lleingas Edge is a favorite grazing area for smaller game animals ranging from dik dik to bushbucks, and the canopy is alive with birdsong and the chattering of small, arboreal rodents. The grassy belt beyond the trees starts off lush and green; however, as one draws nearer to the edge of An'ris, the soil becomes looser and more ashen, and the forest grass dwindles as a hardier breed begins to take its place.

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The Tears of Lyeina

West of the An'ris Woods lie the Tears of Leyina, a vast geothermal runoff area marked by seething waters, thick steam, and barren soil. Nothing grows here, and few animals pass through this place except to cross to a more hospitable territory. The water here is rich in minerals, though many find it too hot to drink, even in the coldest months. Here and there, the remains of animals that have died in this place can be found, the bones washed clean by the heat and steam. The air is thick with the stench of these remains and the natural odor of the hot springs dotting the area.

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Deline Caverns

Where there had once been ocean, now there is earth. The waters have brushed against the air-filled ground, carving out a ground-level volcanic cavern into the ground. Though not far from the border of Vor'asa, this cave provides a stop for loners to rest their weary bones. It is impossible to enter the cavern during high tide, and wolves inside at this will find themselves trapped.

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An'ris Woods

Time has brought healing to Igneir, and along with the cooled ground, life has finally begun to develop. Along the southern border of Acerbus, the woods have spread in earnest, the tiny sproutlings covering the ground for many miles. A light dusting of grass covers the still partially barren earth, but it is a sign that one day, the trees will grow tall and strong on this land.

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North Ignier

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