The plates shifting dislodged a huge entrance to what appears to be an underground cavern. This cave dives deep beneath both Kamari and The Oriens with no access to the outside in either territory. The entrance rests on the southwestern edge of the Kinath, providing security from the remainder of the continent. Though it is a lot more barren than other regions, the cavern provides shelter to various creatures that call the cavern home.

Claimed By: Theseus Pack
Alpha(s): Fel, Yara


Waters of Ongar

This fast-moving open stream gushes right through the heart of Aleru. It is believed that, prior to the shifting of the plates, the entirety of the area was flooded by the Waters of Ongar. Now it provides a fresh water source and also a home to the frogs, newts, and snakes. The water spans almost twenty feet across and is around three feet deep.

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Dystres Stalagmites

Deeper into the cavern, the Dystres Stalagmites seem to sprout from the earth. It is among these large stone features that prey animals such as woodrats, raccoons, and foxes find their security. Many small holes provide safety to the critters that would not otherwise be found in the open cavern. The ground is constantly damp and slimey, and the slightest sound echoes against the walls.

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Selunari Expanse

The grandiose main entrance to Aleru stretches almost a mile in each direction. The floor is slick from years of water erosion carving out the earth to form the nearly nine foot tall cavern. The ceiling is coated in glow worms that light up the entirety of the area so that visibility is high. A net of ferns and moss coat the stretch that is privy to the sunlight during daylight hours.

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A lower level of the earthy cavern is mostly dark, but it provides the security necessary to call it a den site. Shyorm can only be accessed by a two foot wide hole in the northern wall of Aleru. The curvy entrance is indicative that it was once a water pathway. Down below is a separate network of smaller rooms that provide both privacy and safety to the creatures within.

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