Kamari, once known for its polluted waters and chemical-ridden grounds, has healed nicely over the years. A broad expanse covers most of the territory. It is nestled in the center of the continent, surrounded completely by land. It is a very mild tempered territory, often referred to as the heartland of Anikira.

Claimed By: Theseus Pack
Alpha(s): Fel, Yara


Chamoru Plains

Central to the continent lies Chamoru Plains, a vast, endless grassland open to all. Safe from Pievunt-An and sheltered by the Kinath, these grasslands are pure and fresh. Wildflowers bloom during the warm months. This area is home to large prey such as bison, elk, and deer. Occasional savannah-style trees dot the land.

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Xin Grotto

Whether a remnant of the humans who once tried to conquer the land or some beautiful manifestation of nature, Xin Grotto, named for the alpha who once ruled the mountains the cave butts up against, is a picture-perfect densite for those wolves who reside in Kamari. The Grotto's system is actually made up of two caves, each branching off in different directions and open up to the mountain peaks, offering not only a stunning view, but also a considerable about of light.

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Kalus's Point

As the scientists abandoned the island, they left behind a post. The stone buildings were knocked to pieces as an attempt to hide their appearance on the island. A few stone buildings are left. Many of the wooden buildings were burned by uncontrollable wildfires. The ash and debris that once filled the air has finally cleared, revealing a useful home for the wildlife.

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On-aldirr Crevice

The human's tests of weapons blasted away at the earth, chipping out an ancient, buried crevice. A few years has rounded out the sharp edges of the blast by erosion, and the underground tunnels have been carved out by the run-off over hundreds of years. Deep in the caverns, a trickling of water can be heard from the underground stream that runs deep below Kamari, still tainted by the chemicals soaked into the earth.

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