The jarring impact of the northern iceberg disturbed the oceanic flow surrounding Anikira, pulling the coastline further out, pulling this once submerged shelf above sea level. Although virtually devoid of plantlife, the off-coast sactuary is protected from many threats of mainland Anikira and is rich in fish trapped in streams that cover the island.

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Veins of Koraff

The southern half of Miera is littered with long streams and pools that eventually empty into the southern ocean waters. The inner waters are home to ocean fish that have never before been seen to mainlanders, some of them growing to nearly twice the size of the wolves themselves. A multltude of crabs and shellfish also reside along the the banks.

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Inakin Mosslands

The stagnant moisture and water-worn boulders of the northern Miera created the perfect condition for the sprawling moss lands of Inakin. While there is no other vegetation covering the north half of the territory, the rocks and sandy ground beneath them is filled with stagnant water, unable to drain away from region after the coastline pulled further out.

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Nestled along the southern border of the mosslands, a previously underwater cavern has been unearthed, providing a den site to those who choose to reside in Miera. While the first hundred yards of the cavern is dry, the entryway, along with several of the tunnels below, are submerged. Unlike the water outside the cavern, these ground waters have been filtered by the earth, providing fresh water.

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The Path of Enathu

The ripping tides swirl and tear along the southwestern coast of Miera, threatening to swallow up anyone who dares to swim. The Path of Enathu provides the only entrance in or out of Miera, the boulders partially above water. However, many stretches are partially submerged, and unless one knows where to jump, they are likely to be swept to sea by the tide.

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