Caurus is the northern-most piece of Anikira. It is ruled by a mild climate, and is primarily a grassy plain and meadow. The winters can be rather chilly at times, but it is rarely sparse of prey. Caurus is home to what is often considered the Mother Tree of the continent. Rumor is that this was the birth place of Anikira.

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Nytyte River

Carving a path through the hills, Nytyte River divides Caurus from Tiayr. The river is no more than a half mile wide, but the currents are dangerous and make crossing difficult. Paths of rocks and beaver dams provide a safe passage in a few areas, but otherwise it keeps intruders from accessing the terra.

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Desmir's Tree

The largest living thing on Anikira, Desmir’s Tree has often been referred to as the Mother Tree. Though its origins are unknown, tales tell that the oak has been alive on the continent for nearly a thousand years. The tree boasts a diameter nearly a half mile wide, and the large, tangling roots snake across The Shydar for many miles, hidden in the flowers.

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The Shydar

A vast meadow coats the center of the northern territory. During the winter, the fields are desolate and bland, but with the arrival of spring, the foliage blooms. A blanket of red flowers has coated the ground every spring in remembrance of the wolves that lost their lives here. Trees dot the horizon, and small brooks and pools litter the ground.

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Niall Caverns

Carved throughout the valleys of the Nyjoro Hills are a variety of small caverns. These earthen structures, though prone to collapsing, frequently provide shelter in time of need. Travelers often seek their comfort during poor weather, whether they be loners or pack members returning home. Just beware of ornery inhabitants.

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