The ground has slowly torn away south of the desert, and in between the Occasus and Xisyn, a new region has emerged. From the gentle sands of the beaches and bay to the soft shade of the northern Oasis, Arit is a little piece of paradise in what used to be nearly uninhabitable terrain.

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Bay of Melyanna

While it is small, the Bay of Melyanna offers an place of peace and tranquility after passing through the Karst. The breeze offers reprieve from the punitive desert heat, and the fishers among wolves are offered yet another prime spot. The waters here are warm, and though the salinity means it is unsafe to drink, the stepped rocks act as a kind of amphitheater, making this a perfect gathering place for packs or those who love the arts.

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Olum Karst

It is often said that in the Olum Karst, there is not enough water to drown a wolf, nor trees to hang him, nor earth to bury him—it is no exaggeration. The region is a natural rock field, and the surface of the land is dominated by limestone, gypsum, and hardy grasses. It is as unforgiving as it is unique; while grazing ungulates live here, it is easy to misstep and sour a hunt with a twisted paw.

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Andor Oasis

Despite the harshness of Olum Karst, Arit stays true to its moniker of little paradise in the Andor Oasis. Meaning "gifted land," this region comes alive with beautiful shallow waters and foliage of all kinds. Desert creatures flock here for nourishment, so the Oasis is a prime hunting ground. The water here is so clear that even the most inexperienced wolf could catch a fish, and the unique algae that grows makes an excellent poultice for burns and labor pains.

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The South Rim

The South Rim of the Xisyn sinkhole, while much less lush than its northern counterpart, provides a familial dwelling for any pack who resides here. Local tunnel systems are carved into the rock from rivers of old, making the den more like a neural network than individual pockets. Snakes and lizards thrive here in the scrubby desert environment, though pups and adults alike must exercise caution: rain does not fall often here, so small rockslides are common if one does not know the path to take from rim to cave.

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