South Ignier

Where the ocean once stood as a solemn divide between Tas'alea, the ground was riddled with molten lava. Time has healed the ground, allowing new growth on the fresh terrain. A short, grassy savannah coats the majority of the region, but the southern peninsula still holds memories of the destruction that brought Ignier to be.

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Caverns of Avee

The Caverns of Avee are actually a network of rather large collapsed lava tubes, with outcroppings perfect for nesting. Their proximity above the flowing lava below makes the rock warm to the touch, though not uncomfortably so. Several holes that breach through the volcanic walls mean that the caverns are partially lit up during the day, but pups are cautioned to not stray too deep, for dangerous magma still flows within the depths. Sometimes, one can even see ghostly tufts of white fur drifting in the breeze; but if they look too closely, it seems to disappear. How peculiar.

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Pools of Clamor

During the eruption that formed Ignier, many tried to flee on the landbridge to Tas'alea, only to be smothered with punitive ash and hardened into place. These basins earned their name from their expressions of pain, immortalized in rocky tombs: the Pools of Clamor. The water here is crystal clear, purified from its fiery birth. However, legend says that those who drink from it will be tainted with malevolent thoughts, and some even claim that if a wolf submerges himself for long enough, he can still hear the dying screams of the animals trapped beneath, pleading for salvation.

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Xorij Savannah

As the eruption's ashy remains scattered, a fledgling savanna began to grow from it in true phoenix fashion. The conservationists introduced several new species to the land in order to cultivate the biome and allow it to flourish. From the rhinoceros to the cheetah to the peacock, animals of all shapes and sizes now call Xorij Savanna their home, making this one of the most unique areas on the continent.

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The Serpent's Tongue

The Serpent's Tongue is the only remaining admonition of Pievunt-An's eruptive power. The hardened volcanic rock lays too close to sea level to erode into fertile soil, and so it remains a cold, hard peninsula, reaching into the R'imdarian Bay. Both the Banded Snake Eel and the Banded Sea Krait reside on this unusual peninsula, feeding on the tidepool fauna and giving this land its name. They species look remarkably similar, but be warned, while the former can make for a fine noonday snack, the latter has a potent neurotoxic venom the likes of which every wolf should fear.

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