The territory of Syhrda encompasses portions of the old Acerbus, along with incorporating sections of the fledgling prairie that had once graced Kamari. This new, versatile land mass is perfect for a pack just starting out with direct access to the waters of Drarynough and only a short distance from the loner lands.

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The eastern half of Drarynough drifts across the border into Syhrda, providing fresh water to the smaller territory. Though it is unclear where the border is in the center, few animals dare to venture out into the water due to the legends of death surrounding those who dare to swim in its waters. The thick fog still saturates the water, drifting into the trees of the nearby woods. The center island is considered neutral territory between the two regions.

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Is'bel Woods

The trees of Is'bel Woods are thick and hardy with gnarled roots bubbling beneath the surface that very often rear up, creating excellent tripping hazards to those who aren't careful. Due to the thick population of the tree boughs overhead, sunlight is spotty and appears to dance over the ground as the breeze ripples through the treetops. This also means that grasses are not as plentiful in the heart of the woods, driving out larger prey animals who tend to stay towards the outskirts. However, smaller animals such as birds, rabbits and other rodents, find the Is'bel Woods a haven.

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Lyrifu Lowlands

Southwest of Drarynough lie the Lyrifu Lowlands, a sweeping expanse of land marked by long, hardy grasses and a scattering of stunted shrubs and trees. Antelope are the most plentiful prey to be found here, gathering in multiple small herds year-round. The wet season sees a marked increase of vegetation, inviting other grazing creatures to come and eat their fill. The popularity of this flat, arid grassland among prey animals also makes Lyrifu a favorite hunting ground throughout the year.

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Zysaul Valley

Syhrda is home to many unique features, perhaps the most unique of which is Zysaul Valley. The river-like lakes only appear when it rains, and the rocky deciduous terrain seems to peel away to reveal a beautiful view of nearby mountains. Conservationists have introduced wild horses to the area, who are a valuable prey source; given that the wolves who reside here do not over-hunt them, and are weary enough to avoid their powerful hooves.

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