Nestled against the southern border Aveline rests the small plains territory of Nain. Though it is significantly smaller than many of the continent's regions, the area boasts plenty of scattered savannah trees and various rocky alcoves throughout the region. It is also home to several moutain-fed springs.

Claimed By: Solmani Pack
Alpha(s): Lira, Vira


The Stone Forest

The massive rock formations of the Stone Forest tower over the bamboo sprigs and large trees growing around their bases, casting long, deep shadows across the ground at all hours of the day. This has the added effect of making the nights here bitterly cold, and causes all but the slightest of breezes to whistle as they pass between the stones. The formations stand fairly close together, and are too steep and smooth for most creatures to climb, so the majority of the creatures living here are birds, small mammals, and reptiles. However, wild mountain goats have been known to inhabit the area, though they make for risky prey.

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Nabooru Forest

If Sana Sarsys is heaven, then surely Nabooru would be limbo. This bamboo and coniferous forest is truly beautiful, but it exists in cold, quiet darkness. Shadowed by its own canopy, as well as the looming shadow of the nearby Stone Forest, this land is not for the faintest of heart, nor those who are bothered by a constant chill. However, it is full of life, including being one of the only places on the continent to harbor large colonies of honeybees that account for the cascading blooms of flowers across the plateau in the spring.

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Yhendorn Gate

There is but one way up to the promised land of Sana Sarsys: through the mountain pass that the local wolves call the Yhendorn Gate. This relatively narrow passage can only fit four-wolves wide, and any amount of noise echoes from the tall walls of the Stone Forest like a built-in security system. Despite it's relatively small size, this natural formation arguably makes Nain the most secure territory on the continent if those who reside there stand guard over the pass.

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Sana Sarsys

Sana Sarsys is sometimes compared to Elysium, both for its beauty and its safety. This plateau seems to almost hover over the rest of the eastern continent, and its rich grasslands mostly unadulterated by trees. The northeastern edge drops off at a sheer cliff, while the southernmost border is protected by the treacherous Stone Forest, providing an ethereal view of the territory below. Though the land itself is rather small, it is rich with small prey including jackrabbits, prairie chickens, and badgers.

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