The Occasus

The Occasus is the driest and hottest region of Anikira. The desert covers the majority of the territory, but it is bordered on the east by a river that keeps the land inhabitable. It is the home to Pievunt-An. Small prey are in abundance during the cooler seasons, and the occasional large animal falls prey to the sands.

Claimed By: Khalsa
Alpha(s): Kharak



Long ago, the Aughgar river reached deep into the desert, carving out tunnels. Craub is the largest and most impressive of these, connecting the arid desert to the system of underground tunnels that connect Anikira. Its walls are lined with reminders of each change in the river's height, and the ceiling is not far from the surface, making a journey though this cave warm and particularly pleasant. It is not uncommon to see fossilized river fish and frogs along the rocky floor facing towards the mouth of the cave, a constant reminder of which direction one must take in order to see the sunlight again.

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Cooling Off [Open] by Isolde Aug 12, 2020 16:28:24 GMT -6
Aughgar River

Dividing the Occasus from I’queyer, the rough and wide Aughgar River snarls through the continent. Jagged rocks and sharp brush cover the edge, and rapids are unpredictable. There are no calm places of the river; however, fishing is superb along the shore. The river feeds the southern gulf, and any wolf caught by the river will be swept to sea.

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Dancing Through Life [Beowulf] by Tristan Aug 12, 2020 19:05:49 GMT -6
Sands of Rodorr

The Sands of Rodorr serve as a home for much life, even with the high temperatures. Snakes, coyotes, birds of prey, and many varieties of bugs find a home in this rough environment. The Sands are desert-like for most of the year, but during the winter and spring, huge rainstorms bring the area to life, but these plants survive briefly.

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Isdyn's Deep

Near the base of Pievunt-An, a cave formed by the lava flow of the volcano is nestled neatly out of the reach of the sandstorms and blistering sun heat. Although it is shelter from the elements, Isdyn's Deep is the hottest cave on the continent. The tunnels wind deeper towards the molten magma of the volcano buried deep below the earth's surface. The crackling of flaming earth sometimes echoes up into the upper rooms.

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The Occasus

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