Shyia is located in the northwestern portion of the continent. It is one of the coldest territories in Anikira, but the trees still provide shelter to a multitude of species. Winter-coated wolves are well adapted to this territory. However, it is also a wonderful place for arctic foxes and snowshoe hares.

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A tunnel worms its way under the mountains, carved out by years of erosion and shifting earth. The deeper it delves, the louder the trickles of water can be heard. The passageway explodes into a cavernous aquifer, buried below the surface for thousands of years. The fresh water is cool and never threatens to run low.

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Tia'deli Mountains

The peaks of Tia-deli stretch high into the clouds. The mountains run from the western coast to the southern border of Shyia. While they are not nearly as cold as most mountain ranges, there are spots within the mountains that are treacherous in the dead of winter. The foliage is bursting with mid-sized animals that feast on the squirrels and rabbits.

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Xayar Forest

The trees of Xayar Forest sprawl across the majority of Northwestern Anikira. The climate varies from colder and dryer in the North to the warmer, damp atmosphere of the South. Wildlife generally clusters in the southern forest, but more exotic animals, such as the arctic fox and snow hares, prefer the trees near the base of Tia’deli.

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Issimor Caverns

Nestled against the Northwestern corner of the territory is a cavern. While it still technically falls beneath the mountain range, it rests on the beach. The sands and waves are visible from the entrance. However, in horrid storms, the lower chambers of the cave will fill with water. The location is pristine and calm, and it is rarely stumbled upon. Though the entrance is wide and inviting, few dare to venture in without invitation.

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