South of the dunes of Vor'asa, Ser'eri is the westernmost region on Tas'alea. It is largely dominated by a sandstone scrubland, with hardy plants poking up under the shade of nearly every rock, but is also lush in various oases that provide the lifeblood to the territory. It is the coolest of the regions here, as the ocean seems to constantly push a breeze over the earth.

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Layrun Trench

Layrun Trench fits its name aptly; meaning "secret water," this wadi fills up with water runoff from the rainy mountains during the winter months, carving the path longer and deeper each year, but remains relatively dry during the summer. This makes it a kind of seasonal oasis for those inhabiting Ser'eri, with all walks of predator and prey coming to be near it. The water is clear and bright, though wolves must be careful of accidentally falling when there is no liquid below to break their falls.

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Angitu Desert

The Angitu Desert is a more forgiving environment than the Ale'ina, featuring a greater abundance of low, scrubby plant life and crawling with large desert mammals, birds, and reptiles. Though it lacks the rocky outcroppings and steep crags of Ale'ina, the Angitu is dotted with sloping, wind-worn hills of sandstone and loose soil, many of which sport small nooks and crannies to shelter in during the hottest parts of the day. Here and there, low-growing trees can be found sprouting up from the sandy ground, offering various shady places for a weary traveler to rest.

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Orvor Rock

Stretching high above the desert terrain, Orvor Rock is a landmark to the wolves who wander western Tas'alea. Though it does not offer much beyond shade to the weary traveler, it is a good indicator that one is drawing near the deadly grounds to the north. It is one of the last areas where a wolf can turn back before crossing the Aisu Dunes into the Waste of Vor'asa. It is nestled on the northern border of Ser'eri, stretching high enough into the sky to cast a shadow over the border into Ale'ina.

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West Delia Basin

The western end of the Delia Basin drains out into the scrubby desert of Ser'eri through a series of little streams and creeks that fill with water from the basin during periods of heavy rain. In the dry season, the waters of the Basin dry up, leaving the waterways it feeds barren until the rains return and cause the Delia to swell once more beyond its western banks. The Basin represents the desert's primary year-round sources of fresh water, and is teeming with plant and animal life of all shapes and sizes.

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