The rocky terrain of Ale'ina offers little relief from the heat of the region, but in turn, this is perhaps the most unique territory on Tas'alea. The huge prismatic spring here dominates a huge piece of the region, butting up against rocky mountain formations. While there is not much relief, the basins and large river mean that Ale'ina is something of an oasis in itself, if only one walks far enough to glimpse it.

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Aisu Dunes

The Southern border of Vor'asa is covered by Aisu Dunes. The southern half is far more hospitable than the dunes across the border into Vor'asa. Brush grows on the tips of the dunes in several areas, and the lucky wolf will stumble upon the rich, freshwater oasis nestled within. A variety of wildlife call the dunes home, ranging from the smallest lizards to the deadly moa birds.

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North Delia Basin

The northern end of the Delia Basin runs up against a steep, rocky outcropping that rises high enough to prevent the water from spidering out into the desert of Ale'ina. A few trails have been worn into the cliff over time by herds and lone creatures seeking to drink and rest by the water, providing paths down to the narrow beach that, although occasionally treacherous, are much quicker than going around the cliff and much safer than attempting to scale it.

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The Chimera's Iris

The Chimera's Iris is one of nature's greatest gifts to Tas'alea. The beautiful hot spring gets its color from the microbial mats, consisting mainly of archaea and bacteria, that grow around the warm edges and reflect every wavelength of light. In the winter, the mat will tend to reflect more greens, while in the summer, it tends to appear red. The inner part of the spring is boiling hot, and the water is not safe to drink—however, the edges provide a very soothing bath, and wolves use its penetrating heat to sooth all kinds of internal pain.

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Vorenal River

Fed by the ocean, this brackish river runs only a little way inland, a lush oasis for the inhabitants of the desert through which it cuts. In the dry season, the river has been known to dry up until it more closely resembles a large creek. But when the rains come, it can swell past its banks and send its waters washing across the surrounding territory. The easternmost portion of the river borders the Tears of Lyeina, causing the waters to grow warmer and resulting in a slight shift in the plant and animal life found along this portion of the river.

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