The central plains and beaches of the southern gulf create yet another sanctuary where loners who which to avoid claimed territories can take up residence. There is an abundance of varied prey spanning the territory, and Ryner also provides access to the fresh waters of the river that border the desert.

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Usstor, though a little cramped, is one of the main entrances to the underground tunnel system of Anikira. This perfectly circular lava tube comes from years of water rushing against the volcanic rock underneath the surface of Ryner, rushing in all at once and then receding with the gentle waves. The cyclical texture can be hypnotizing, which can be either a blessing or a curse for those who have decided to travel underground.

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The origin of Anikira, Pievunt-An, resides on the northern border of the Occasus. Smoke still rises from the peak, and volcanic ash is piled along the sides and base. The trees and plants have grown back on the northern half of the volcano. Though once considered dormant, the volcano is now classified as active due to its multiple eruptions in the recent years.

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Ryren Beach

Along the northern edge of the Aughgar River lays a wide beach, its fine sand littered with seashells of every shape and size. Kingfishers and other predatory birds crowd the shoreline and the skies above, hunting for fish, amphibians, and small mammals - and harrying any terrestrial predator that brings down larger game here. The river itself is a favorite stopping point for many migratory animals; unfortunately, the water here is teeming with crocodiles, making the beach a dangerous place to linger.

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Situated at the water's edge, Omdyn is one of the many entrances to the tunnel system that snakes beneath the surface of Anikira. The mouth of this cave is wide enough to allow multiple wolves to enter at once, and although the cave is not entirely protected from the sea spray, it sits high enough that the tunnel entrance at the back of it remains relatively dry during low tide; during high tide, only a few inches of water flow down into the tunnels, leaving the floor crusted in salt and bits of seaweed blown in by the water.

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