The tunnels of Anikira have recently become a more prominent means of travel between the regions. Pax is one such location that is not controlled by any claim, allowing wolves of the packs and loners alike to utilize this method of travel. This northern sanctuary is safe for all. Outside the tunnels, there are some areas that allow for hunting as well as resting.

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The Forgotten Underway

Though the tunnels span from one end of the continent to the other, the network of tunnels are considered to be wholly unclaimed, even those that connect with the pack lands throughout Anikira. Though they are dimly lit or completely black in areas, a wolf with a strong nose can navigate these regions to cross under territories undisturbed.

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Siscarm's Garden

Though it is buried in the heart of a snowy mountain range, Siscarm's Garden is a brighten, open plain. There are scattered trees and ponds throughout the region, and during the spring and summer, the entire area is littered with a variety of wildflowers that brighten the landscape. It is a tranquil, serene area where even the wildlife appear to be at ease.

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Blessed with clear skies, Ryn-Eldbel is a human made ridge. TNT littered the ground with rough, jagged rocks though the summit is smooth and inhabitable. Large prey like to graze there. One ill blast by mankind created an entrance into an abandoned mine. Old mine carts and train tracks wind through various tunnels beneath the plateau.

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Kiaou Mines

One of the remaining pieces of evidence of the human’s invasion is the Kiaou Mines. Here, the scientists dug deep beneath the plateau, extracting samples of the dirt and minerals. What they left was a hollow, man-made cave. Each area they chiseled into left another room, and daunting mine cart tracks lead across seemingly endless drops to other parts of the cavernous mines.

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